Citizen Participation

Eixverd believes that information dissemination is essential to increase people's awareness of the benefits of re-greening Barcelona. When people feel involved and responsible, and see broad, collective response, their adoption of green rooftop methods will grow exponentially. Eixverd is learning how to increase citizen participation through the pilot City Block project in the Eixample, as envisioned by Barcelona's Green Strategic Plan and under the auspices of the Barcelona's Urban Housing. The massive effort to green the city block's rooftops and interior patios will involve not only the block's households and businesses but will also draw participation and investment from corporations. To bolster citizen support and participation, neighbors will receive information, training, a summary of benefits of the re-greening efforts. These neighbors will then lead the design and installation of their green roofs, and their entire block will become a model for sustainable urban living.

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