Project Management

Given that climate change is happening, we can both prepare for it (adaptation) and work to reduce its effects (mitigation). Adaptation projects aim to increase our resilience to events associated with climate change, while mitigation projects seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether you want a green roof, cool roof, green wall, urban garden, solar panels, or any combination of them, Eixverd's comprehensive, start-to-finish management of projects makes us special. Depending on the project, we provide:

  • Structural inspection of the project area
  • Description of any necessary architectural changes to the existing structure
  • 2-D and 3-D visualization
  • Description of options available to your building community
  • Suggested draft of statutes governing the use of the terrace
  • List of most appropriate installers based on the customer's preferences of price and features
  • Processing and receipt of all government subsidies available for sustainable projects
  • Construction oversight
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Financing
  • Private and Corporate Sponsorship

Eixverd works with the client to provide the most appropriate options for quality, savings, and satisfaction.

We can help you decide the best solution for your building in addition to submitting documents for the government subsidies