Urban rooftop farm at Dipòsit de les Aigües

Eixverd is promoting a very innovative project that will convert the 3000m2 roof of the “Diposit de les Aigues” building (the current library of the University of Pompeu Fabra, Ciutadella Campus) into an economically sustainable agriculture center that contributes to improving urban resilience.

We will take advantage of the exceptionally strong structural support of the building to create a 3000m2 ecosystem. The agricultural rooftop will be composed of organic material generated in the vicinity. We will have urban orchard bees, chickens (possibly), fruit trees and an event area. We will offer numerous classes including ones on cultivation and environmental sustainability. We will rent space for company events, civic events, yoga classes, and orchard parties. There will also be visits to learn about the architectural history of the Roman-style water reservoir. Rooftop access for employees and visitors will be through the ground-level courtyard alongside the building. This ambitious project that will be open to all, and will seek to catalyze renewed interest in using rooftops adapt to climate change.

To make it economically sustainable, the management option currently being discussed is the centralized model. Eixverd, through the TEB Cooperative dedicated to the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities, will take care of the daily management of the orchard and product sales perhaps at the UPF Dining Facility, a consumer cooperative, and weekly markets. Furthermore, Eixverd will also manage the events that will be key for the project to achieve financial independence.

There are many studies that identify urban agriculture as an activity that not only strengthens the social fabric but also contributes to the generation of food. We will involve our research colleagues at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) to develop more studies related to urban agriculture and ecosystem services. We want to measure the environmental, social and regulation benefits that would be created in the new ecosystem right in the heart of Barcelona.


The project is in early stages of development together with the District of Sant Marti, Barcelona City Council, UPF and UPC ICTA.

  • Francescs Baró i Johannes Langemeyer (ICTA-UAB): Oversee the parameters measuring the environament, urban biodiversity, and social improvement associated with the new ecosystem services.
  • Montserrat Bosch (School of Engineering Building-UPC): Oversees the parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Ana Abellan (DrenajeUrbanoSostenible.org): Oversees the parameter of runoff water


  • Martí Boleda: Sustainability technician at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
  • Mònica Batalla: Landscape Architect, UPC Researcher on Urbanism
  • Vidal Guerrero: Agronomic Engineer
  • TEB Verd: Social Insertion Cooperative for people with intellectual disabilities