Scientific Research

Eixverd not only implements solutions that are validated by scientific research, we also contribute to the scientific research  with an experimental rooftop built to investigate technology and techniques in a Mediterranean environment.

Green roofs and various sustainable construction methods are not new. Extensive research exists in Europe and North America, but not specifically in a Mediterranean environment. To contribute to that dataset, we collaborate with UPC's School of Building Construction of Barcelona (EPSEB), the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) and Sustainable Urban Drainage to install a deck where we can experimentally monitor at least the following parameters:

  • Thermal insulation, including thermal transmittance and the temperature difference between the inner and outer cover
  • Sound insulation
  • Pollutants absorbed by vegetation
  • CO2 absorbed by vegetation
  • Albedo (reflected sunlight)
  • Urban biodiversity
  • Storm water runoff
  • Humidity and evapo-transpiration
  • Social effects of urban ecosystems

We experiment with different construction elements, substrate thicknesses and plant species.

For further information on the research protocol and scientific research, or would like to participate, please contact us.

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