With the aim of re-greening Barcelona, Eixverd will mobilize citizens to install specific projects that address climate change. Today, despite generous subsidies paying up to 50% of the installation costs, many people do not know about green roofs or their numerous benefits, or they might be put off by the apparent hassle of applying for subsidies from the city government.

Reduced Heat Island Effect

  • Decreasing the heat island effect will reduce the city's retention of heat by at least 3 or 4 degrees Celsius. Lower temperatures will also decrease the the use of air conditioning (and reduce carbon emissions)

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Reduced carbon emissions by various means:

  • The green rooftop insulates better, reducing the need for air conditioning and heating
  • With more green roofs, the city's temperature decreases with lower heat island effect
  • Solar panels heat your water
  • Plants absorb CO2 and particles

Reduced Storm Water Runoff

Rainwater will be collected by the plants instead of the streets, also reducing the need for large sewers

More Urban Biodiversity

Increased urban biodiversity means more green corridors from Collserola to the Mediterranean
Increased m2 of green per person

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Absorption of Pollutants
  • Absorption of pollutants such as NOx and PPM10

Thermal Insulation


Pollution Absorption

  • Absorption of noxious particles such as NOx i PPM10

Increased Albedo

Increased albedo means less heat is retained by the surface and city temperatures will be lower.

Improved Social Fabric

Open, green area for residents creates the possibility for entertaining, community interaction, and gardening

Reduced Costs

  • Rooftop lasts longer
  • Real estate value increases
  • Reduced impact of flooding
  • Possible decrease in property tax
  • Lower heating bills for air and water