Urban Lavender Farm

The long-term goal of the project is to carry out medium- to large-scale cultivation of lavender on buildings and parking lot roofs in the Eixample district of Barcelona.The planting of these mini lavender fields would provide a visual amenity for the surrounding community, offset the negative environmental effects of urbanization and serve a long-term commercial function. 

We design and install urban lavender rooftop gardens in unproductive ‘dead’ urban spaces such as residential properties and on commercial rooftop premises that have been constructed inside the city blocks.

In order to carry out the healthy maintenance of your green roof, Eixverd will schedule a visit to the rooftop several times per year. We collaborate with the TEB cooperative that employs people at risk of social exclusion, for the installation and maintenance of our projects. We may provide free, on-going maintenance of the site and harvest the lavender (part of the plant maintenance) annually thanks to a collaboration with Urbaroma.

We will use the aggregate lavender harvest from different sites around the city to produce natural, made-in-Barcelona, lavender products to be manufactured locally as a part of the ever-growing ‘think globally, act locally’ km0 movement.

Our project is inspired by a growing body of evidence that urban agriculture can effectively address environmental challenges while also providing productive and healthy growing spaces for people, flora, and fauna. You can access our pdf of Urban Lavander Plantation here.