Who We Are

Eixverd seeks to address climate change in the competitive marketplace – to meet social needs with the financial rigors of a for-profit company. Eixverd promotes the adaptation and mitigation of climate change for more resilient cities and, ultimately, a higher quality of urban life. Eixverd also seeks to raise citizen awareness and participation for stronger, more coordinated action to address climate change.

Our urban adaptation and mitigation projects – what we call “active rooftop solutions” – include green roofs, cool roofs, green walls, urban gardens and solar panels. They can be installed in any combination, and have numerous benefits. They improve the energy efficiency of buildings and urban areas, and promote renewable energy. They reduce city temperatures, absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), and improve storm water management. They increase biodiversity, increase the city's green space, absorb polluting particles, and reflect sunlight to keep the planet cooler. Ultimately, our projects improve urban livability and comfort, and strengthen the social fabric.

Such a long list of benefits makes Eixverd more of a social enterprise than a business. In fact, although Eixverd uses innovative and dynamic business practices to enhance its financial solvency and sustainability, the company ultimately seeks to address urban environmental and social issues in order to increase people’s private and collective well-being.

Eixverd’s success will burgeon when urban citizens are more knowledgeable of solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, when they change their daily routines and seek to adopt more sustainable practices, including using their rooftop space for active climate change solutions.

Being a social enterprise means that our work seeks our collective benefit, not a private one.