Eixverd is a social enterprise that promotes the sustainability of urban projects for adaptation and mitigation to climate change. We promote city resilience and a higher quality of urban life, and seek to increase citizen awareness and participation to address climate change.

Our rooftop projects have numerous purposes. They improve the energy efficiency of buildings and urban areas, and promote renewable energy. Green roofs reduce city temperatures through a lower urban heat island effect, absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), and improve stormwater management. They increase biodiversity, increase the city's green space, absorb polluting particles, and help reflect back sunlight to keep the planet cool. Ultimately, they improve urban livability and comfort, and can strengthen the social fabric.

Such a long list of benefits makes Eixverd more of a social enterprise than a business. In fact, Eixverd was founded to solve urban environmental problems using innovative and dynamic business practices in order to make the company more financially sustainable. Although Eixverd is a for-profit enterprise, its end goal seeks more than just financial profit; Eixverd seeks to increase people's collective benefits through joint action.

Many of these active rooftop solutions have been consistently validated by scientific studies and promoted by governments through subsidies, including green roofs, cool roofs, green walls, urban gardens and solar panels. So what are you waiting for? Our current terraces and patios, home or business alike, can be more active, and Eixverd wants to help you do it. We are rehabilitating residential and corporate buildings in the center of Barcelona, where there is substantial rooftop potential.

Eixverd seeks to enhance its success through a commitment to research and innovation; private and corporate sponsorship; and increased citizen awareness and participation through social networks and activism.