Lidia Calvo founded Eixverd in 2015. She holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from UPC Barcelona (1992-1997) and an MBA from the University of San Diego, California (2001-2003). Her professional experience includes: R&D engineer at Hewlett-Packard; International Development in Bolivia (2005-2006), Uganda (2007-2010) and Mozambique (2011-2014) as a project coordinator for cooperation in food security, agriculture, institutional policies and climate change projects.



Graphic Designer, Gardener and Phytotherapist
Gina Calvo graduated in Graphic Design in 2007 from Elisava. Shortly thereafter, she began traveling around the world, living in different places and discovering the wonders of the plant kingdom. It was the excitement and the passion that led her to study herbal medicine, and since then she has not stopped learning about the world of agroecology and the cultivation of vegetables, medicinal aromatic plants, natural cosmetics and gardening.



Jaume Nart graduated as an architect in 2015 from the UIC School of Architecture. His interest in self-construction and natural materials led him to participate in different workshops on building with earth and ephemeral architecture. He has experience as an architect, model builder and gardener. He is a big fan of music, art and nature in general. He enjoys taking care of his garden.



Planning and Process Engineer
Christian Smith is a mechanical engineer and project manager. He enjoys structure and the project concepts such as setting goals, budgets and measures to monitor progress. He specializes in project planning and administration, and has lived in six countries managing development projects of medium and large scale.