Activa la teva terrassa o coberta

Use your rooftop to plant solutions that help you enjoy your space, reduce carbon emissions, all while improving the quality of the air we breathe.

Your roof, your choice

Small or big, privately or community-owned, your roof has many kinds of solutions for all kinds of budgets

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Optimize your resources, improve your quality of life.

Solar panels and urban gardens are within everyone's reach.

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Disposa d'un espai per descansar i disfrutar amb els companys

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Gaudiu amb els vostres veïns en un entorn amable i saludable

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Diferents opcions per fer el vostre manteniment adient a les vostres necessitats

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Green roofs and walls

Landscape your roof or wall with sedum or grass. It is a great insulator and absorbs pollution.

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Urban gardens to enjoy

You can have your garden in the middle of the city to produce food and enjoy the good weather.

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Solar thermal panels

You will reduce your carbon emissions by using renewable energy.

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Look at our section on questions and concerns. Surely it will help clarify.

Our footprint toward the sustainable future is to reinvent our buildings’ rooftop space to strengthen our social fabric, improve the quality of the air that we breathe, and reduce carbon emissions.