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We are facing a great opportunity

Architects, designers, builders, developers, architecture students…

The global green roof market reached a value of around 1.38 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 17%.

Tax incentives and benefits offered by governments around the world and the growing concern about tackling climate change are creating lucrative opportunities for the green roof market, which will reach a value of 3.20 billion USD by 2026.

And you, will you lose the opportunity to be part of this growth?

You will be able to join the movement to RE-NATURALIZE CITIES AND BUILD GREEN ROOFS SUCCESSFULLY, in addition to taking advantage of the growing revenue opportunities that the market offers.

You’ve probably thought about working in the green roof market but you’ve come across countless obstacles – you don’t know where to start, you don’t want to make mistakes and waste time or money!

Don’t worry, we have the solution for you.
At Eixverd we have more than 7 years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs. To date, we have helped build more than 40 green roofs covering more than 12,000 m² of new green space. We have encountered all sorts of problems along the way: obstacles with the sale, with the design, technical barriers and maintenance problems, which we have been able to solve. In addition, we had an experimental rooftop where we tested materials, systems and substrates. We have surrounded ourselves with people interested in solving the issue of climate change from the perspective of green roofs, sustainable water management and the selection of plants for a Mediterranean environment.

We’ve found solutions for every problem and yes, we want to share them with you!

How will we do it? That’s big news !!

Together with AD + Green, we have developed the best online course to BUILD GREEN ROOFS SUCCESSFULLY.
AD + GREEN was born with the aim of promoting a global movement to re-naturalize cities through the massive construction of green roofs. Educating, encouraging and designing green roofs! And we want to invite you to be a part of this revolution!

This is a great opportunity in these times of crisis!
As architects, developers, builders and architecture students, the current climate situation presents itself as an opportunity to generate a positive social and environmental impact through our projects. And at the same time take advantage of the new and growing sources of income! Because more and more green roofs will be demanded in real estate developments.

And you’ll be ready to build them successfully, if you sign up for our course!

“Our course helps professionals in the construction sector to design and build green roofs so that they can increase their income by building projects with a high social and environmental impact that deal with climate change”

An architecture student, architect, designer or developer with no experience in building green roofs and you want to avoid mistakes that will save you time and money when developing a green roof project and are you looking for advice from experienced professionals in the field?

This is your course.

When designing and building a green roof, you think you know the technique but then… you don’t know where to start ?! You have the list of materials, but which geotextile should I choose? And the anti-root sheet, which will work best? Or which irrigation system suits me?

These are all very important details. A bad decision can cost you project failure, bad reputation, and a loss of money. Plants could die, roots could break the waterproofing, leaks could occur, substrate overflows… Mistakes! But don’t worry,

We have the SOLUTION to all your problems, based on our experience of more than 40 successfully built green roofs!

Green roofs are a rising asset that will enhance your resume for customers interested in sustainability. By signing up for our course, you will diversify your services and take advantage of the lucrative opportunities of the growing green roof market. Without our course, you could waste a lot of time looking for scattered information and your time is priceless!!

For 7 years we have done all the researching, experimenting, comparing materials and techniques available in the market to build green roofs, and we have the DEFINITIVE LIST of what has worked best for each case.

And yes, we will share it with you. With live images and videos of problems fixed live. Roofs already executed or roofs we are currently running.

This is the only green roofing course taught by the best specialists and leaders in green roof construction in the Barcelona area. Totally handy with videos and hours of personalized advice to avoid bad times when building green roofs. Exclusive and practical information to save you a lot of time and money in building your green roof!!

The course methodology is based on microlearning. A new way of learning that guarantees the acquisition of key knowledge and specific skills in a short time. From short videos and with the right information to achieve the learning goal, we will cover the essential topics to successfully execute a green roof project.

We will share templates, final listings, checklists and budget bases. These are documents that we have developed over the years of running green roof projects. And you will have them at your disposal by signing up for the course!

You will even be able to solve doubts or solve specific problems of the project you have in hand, using the bag of consulting hours that the course includes!

Fast and easy!

Course syllabus

cubiertas verdes visita

Challenge #1


In one visit it extracts all the information to carry out the structural analysis of the environmental conditions and needs of the client and users.

diseño cubiertas verdes

Challenge #2


Design your green roof with all its components from waterproofing, building system, substrate, irrigation and plants.

vender cubiertas verdes

Challenge #3


Convince your customer! We will teach you the tax and environmental benefits of green roofs for use as sales tools.

construir cubiertas verdes

Challenge #4


Build your green roof!
Everything about execution and its complications including timing and material lifting logistics.

mentener cubiertas verdes

Challenge #5


What to consider when maintaining a green roof.

For plus students with the ability to travel to Barcelona, we include a day of guided tours of our green roofs. The day of the visits will be scheduled quarterly.

temario curso online cubiertas verdes

What will I learn in the course?

  1. What type of waterproofing is valid for green roofs.
  2. How we design without structural reinforcement.
  3. How to comply with railing regulations.
  4. How to integrate solar panels in the green roof.
  5. Increase the biodiversity of your green roof.
  6. How to treat sinks.
  7. Mechanisms to convince the customer.
  8. Solutions for paved areas on your green roof.
  9. Preventive security measures.
  10. Material lifting: options and risks.
  11. Solar insolation analysis.
  12. Selection of plants according to soil thickness.
  13. PLUS: Visits to green roofs in Barcelona and Valencia

Tools and materials that you will receive during the course valued in €500:

  • Schedule
  • List of questions to ask your customer
  • List of components to consider in design
  • List of components to consider for execution
  • List of plants
  • List of materials
  • Budget base
  • 10% discount on products at La Botiga d’Eixverd to buy your material



339€ 450€
Online videos available 24/7
2h of specialized consultancy
Downloadable for planning your works


If you are one of the first 50 to pre-register and sign up for the course you will receive a € 50 discount.

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